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Even In Cities Where It Rains America’s Water Infrastructure Is a Mess


It’s not just drought that can wreak havoc on water supply. … They must sell the use of “green infrastructure” (using natural systems like plants and soil … Read More »

Climate Change Means New Building Designs


Reducing water use is becoming critical to sustainable building design. Skillful design and planning can reduce water usage by 50% or more. Read More »

Why the climate fight needs engineers


The scheme, which was launched at the Engineers and Sustainable … extreme high temperatures and droughts, water shortages, and rising sea … Read More »

Leading firm urges urban homeowners to upgrade to green energy


“Combining these two green technologies with a thermal store is the solution to multi-fuel heating and optimising the technologies installed – however … Read More »

IFC to focus on renewable energy funding in India


International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank group, has refocused its investment strategy for the power sector and will be investing in … Read More »

Greater Jakarta: Dump site turned into green park


Tangerang’s Parks and Sanitation Agency head Ivan Yudianto said the construction of the green space started last year and it was now open to the … Read More »

100 projects get Green Good Design Awards


Consumer products, architecture, and urban planning projects from 24 countries topped this year’s list as The Green 100. This year’s winners of the … Read More »


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